Do I Exist?


I made “Do I Exist??” now I’ve made “Do I Exist?”. Totally different question. In this second installation, I removed the filters I used because I wanted to take away the separation between audience and viewer. I’m very pleased with how it came out. I still was unable to prove to myself that I exist, but I had a lot more fun trying with this attempt, which is why I’d say it was successful.

Do I Exist??


Do I Exist is my 4D Fundamentals final project Part One. Part Two is forthcoming. My goal was to create an audio-video scrapbook which provides a short essay response to the question, “Do I Exist??”. The goal was to convince myself of it, and I’m not sure I succeeded.



Art, Video

This was a very big scale project compared to my previous school work. Our assignment was to create a shrine to a found object. I chose a Fender guitar pic, which in my imaginary land saved humanity with the power of music. I made elements of this with ceramics (lil vases inside), wood (general structure), welding and fabric (roof), and acrylic. It was really fun to make this tiny world.