Lime Wire

This is my first neon sign! It was damn hard to make. My class really wanted to attach a political message to it, but there were none in my original intention. Thats the nature of art huh? Well disclaimer, I love Texas and mean no negativity with this piece πŸ™‚

My train of thought follows thusly: I wanted to create a state outline because I think they’re graphic and patriotic, I landed on Texas for its clout and visual interest. I wanted to flip it backwards to mimic the shape of Australia, so I wrote Au: as an abbreviation in the middle. Why not just make Australia? Well who would recognize it then?? Furthermore, nothing in art is that straightforward. I chose red neon gas because its the brightest. It looks great in my room and I’m replacing all my lightbulbs with red ones.

And yes there’s a Lime Wire pokin out, he’s my friend πŸ™‚IMG_1016.jpeg