Pics of Emma

Me and Emma are both on break so obviously we had a photo shoot!! All clothes made by Emma also.

I took some more pics on my film camera, those will be posted next week after they’re developed!!

I’m editing together a video of the shoot as well, also by next week 🙂

Unrelatedish, I’m only posting to my insta in 2019 with pictures I’ve taken on film, so I’m soon gonna incorporate my feed into the sidebar of this site.

I love these pictures, the clothes really match the locations and the sky was super pretty!

Political Implication Photography Assignment

A long time ago I was gifted a book of photography tasks to teach you how to take more captivating pictures. I never used it but one assignment stuck with me, and today while driving I saw something that fulfilled it. The branches cut out of the tree shows humans impact in a small but noticeable way. We brush the natural world callously out of our way to serve our own needs. Its not a fantastic photo, but I love what it means.