Camping Trip

Art, Pastels

This was my first piece of the summer. I finished it more than two months ago, but like I said i haven’t been online much this summer to blog about it. (for more timely updates, follow my insta @prestomagiccc). This piece was the second time it came to fisticuffs with myself and oil pastels. I’ve grappled with them once before and loved the results, so I took what I (thought) I learned and applied it here. I love the way this looks finished, but it was a bitch to work on.

Aside from technical stuff, the message here is straightforward but very important to me. The way I see it, we are really just camping here on this Earth unless we change our ways of living. I often struggle to find action in my art practice. I work on my art which says what I want it to say, but where are the ramifications? I don’t mean in terms of support, but in terms of change. Art is meant to inspire change, but what can I do for the environment besides “raise awareness” through my art? This summer, it meant ditching single use plastic, dairy, cutting back on meat, and reduse-reusue-recycling as much as I could. I’m only 19, so I’m not too worried, but I am actively looking for the cross section of art and activism. I’ll let you know when I find the sweet spot. Anyway, here’s Camping TripIMG_4566.jpeg


Art, Pastels

This piece was my first toe dip into oil pastels. I really loved them and am definitely gonna use them again soon! The idea of “Rhubarb” is something I’ve been building up in all my work for the last few years, but am just now putting a name to.