AP Art Portfolio, Art, Collage, Painting, Pastels, Watercolors

I have chosen FRAMED as my AP Art concentration. Each piece will be framed, in one way or another. For the first piece(s), I made a three part self portrait, where each frame acts as a foreshadowing of what is next to come. I’m really happy with the mixed styles and media I used, and I’m pumped for more FRAMED pieces!

Fix Your Headset, Emily! Quick Watercolor

Art, Painting, Watercolors

This is a little painting I did in my study hall yesterday. It is based off a courtesy call I got, where the lady on the other end (Emily) was having some issues with her headset. I like it, especially since I did it so quick. I do feel like there is some degree of disconnect between the hair, face, and hands though. It is too subtle to look intentional, so next time I do something like this I have to watch out for that.