The Runner Album

Art, Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture

“The Runner Album” is the debut studio album by Magical Mysterious Dream Machine. It is 665 tracks long, a total of 45 minutes of listening. It was also my assignment for my 3D final. We had to make a sculpture and photograph it for an album cover. This assignment made it kinda hard for me to think of an idea, because since the work would be photographed, there were a lot of different restrictions and benefits versus seeing a piece 360 degrees. I needed an idea that really did took advantage of my advantages. I decided to create this cover because I wanted to do a forced perspective shot with see through elements, that appeared to contain stuff when in reality that stuff was just behind it. The TVs was perfect. The televisions themselves are made of foam, then sanded and painted. The milk carton is paper drawn on with markers, the remote and lil guy are ceramics painted with acrylic. The backdrop is painted and then I had a friend pose for me. The hand is my own. It was so difficult to get this perfectly aligned shot, but nonetheless my idea was finally brought to fruition. Magical Mysterious Dream Machine also plays baby showers and bat mitzvahs. album.jpg


Art, Painting

This is my friend Grace, in her room in our dorm. Its acrylic on canvas. I love the style of this, its the way I usually paint with acrylic but I expanded it beyond human forms into buildings and objects. I super-love her left hand, kinda hate the right one (from her perspective).

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.18.18 PM.png

Cold Spring (Self Portrait 2018)

Art, Painting

My yearly self portrait! I do one at the start of each school year, no more no less.

Recently I swore off the color yellow. I banished it from the knick knacks on my shelves and the clothes in my closet. I refuse to use it in another piece of art for as long as I live. It is downright hideous and can be replaced to a much more interesting effect with a light, or even dark orange.

Btw, I know I haven’t been posting but I have been making loads of art. Gonna start posting what I’ve been making slowly, starting now. 🙂


Daddy Trump Jeans

AP Art Portfolio, Art, Painting, Photos

I finally got a chance to matt the photos from this shoot, if it were to be displayed it would look like the following but on a wall:

Its good to finally be done but its annoying that it took me this long to get my hands on matt board. Either way, final display is almost exactly what I wanted. If I had unlimited resources I would want the photos printed bigger, but it’s fine as is.