Cold Spring (Self Portrait 2018)

My yearly self portrait! I do one at the start of each school year, no more no less.

Recently I swore off the color yellow. I banished it from the knick knacks on my shelves and the clothes in my closet. I refuse to use it in another piece of art for as long as I live. It is downright hideous and can be replaced to a much more interesting effect with a light, or even dark orange.

Btw, I know I haven’t been posting but I have been making loads of art. Gonna start posting what I’ve been making slowly, starting now. 🙂


Daddy Trump Jeans

I finally got a chance to matt the photos from this shoot, if it were to be displayed it would look like the following but on a wall:

Its good to finally be done but its annoying that it took me this long to get my hands on matt board. Either way, final display is almost exactly what I wanted. If I had unlimited resources I would want the photos printed bigger, but it’s fine as is.