Poetry, Writing

By Will Montgomery


She said I need to pee

I said were almost home

She said hand me a bottle

I said there isn’t one

She found an empty tupperware

And squatted in the back seat

She shouted up to ease on the gas

Her head between her knees

She laid down a dark grey hoodie

To protect the carpeted floor

I couldn’t help but hit the brakes

Katia commanded me No more

On our street the window cracked

The car shook with winter wind

I craned my neck to see for why

Against the chassis the hoodie was pinned

She released it into the nighttime air

It flew off without a hitch

I stopped the car, I said get out

Katia just sat and bitched

I turned around

I said c’mon

She said lets just go home

I wouldn’t let up

She dumped the cup

Hopped out the car to atone

Between two acrylics

She carried it back

Dropped the mess onto my lap

We made it back around 2:10

Never thought to speak of it again

And although the hoodie was deep cleaned

Id never wash out the memory it seemed

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